János Hegedüs




Hegedüs family in Vas county

János Hegedüs (1725?-1790?)

→ János Hegedüs (1763–1803)

Mihály Hegedüs  (1797–1827)

János Hegedüs (1819–1870)

Béla Hegedüs  (1858–1945)

Dr Ödön Hegedüs (1905–1997)




He was probably born in 1763, but we do not know the date of his birth exactly, because the church books of the Reformed Church in Magyarszecsőd, in which the births of the Calvinist population of Hidashollós were recorded, began only in 1784. His birth record – if it was recorded at all – might be in the Calvinist church books of Felsőőr. His father was János Hegedüs, his mother’s name is not known.


Our first information about him is the record of his wedding of 1792 in the church book of Magyarszecsőd: “Die 20. Febr. H. Hollóson lakó Hegedűs János copuláltatott az ő eljegyzett Mátkájával, Néhai Csuti Illyés árva hajadon leányával Katalinnal. Kezesek: Bogár Ferentz, Csúti Mihály. NB. A’ Móringjok – 100. forént.” “On Febr. 20, János Hegedűs from H.Hollós married his engaged fiancée, the late Illyés Csuti’s maiden daughter Katalin. Bestmen: Ferenc Bogár, Mihály Csúti. NB: Their dowry – 100 forints.” Katalin Csuti was also from Hidashollós, but her birth records are not known. (Her father Illyés Csuti was still alive in 1785 when his daughter Theresia was born from his wife Mária Német. It is not sure that Katalin’s mother was Mária Német too; given the age gap she had perhaps been born from an earlier marriage of his father.)


The couple had four children: Julianna (02.23.1795 – 02.28.1795) lived only a few days. Their son Mihály reached adulthood just like their daughter Zsuzsanna (*11.26.1799), who married Mihály Tzál in 1820. The youngest child was baptized as Julianna again, (04.26.1802–10.08.1805), but she died at the age of three.


János Hegedüs was probably an important member of the local Calvinist community. The record of his death in the churchbook contains the title “curator” next to his name. He was the elected layman who led the community together with the pastor and controlled the financial affairs.


That is all we know about János Hegedüs’s life. He died in 1803, aged 40. The record in the church book of Magyarszecsőd reads as follows: “Oct 26. H. Hollósi Nemes Hegedüs János – Curator – [kora:] 40. e. [halál oka:] sinlődés.” “Oct. 26. Noble János Hegedüs of H. Hollós – Curator – [age:] 40 y. – [cause of death:] illness.” The word “sinlődés” was usually used to illnesses when the person gradually lost his or her force. (The reason was often tubercolosis.)


It is not known what happened to his widow after his death.


Although we do not have specific evidence, we think it is highly probable, that the following sentence of a registry of the nobles of Vas Country (1781/82) refers to the same János Hegedüs: “In Hidas-Hollós. Joannis olim Hegedüs filius pariter Joannes ex Possessione Felseő-Eör oriundus, at Annis abhinc circiter 30 inde abscedens habet filios Joannem et Franciscum.” (Source: Schneider Miklós: Vas vármegye nemesi összeírásai, Kőszeg, 1941-1942.) If it is the same person, it means that he had a brother called Ferenc, his father and grandfather were both called János, and his father moved from Felsőőr to Hidashollós around 1750. In the church books of Magyarszecsőd we found a Ferenc Hegedüs of Hidashollós, who was born in 1764 and died in 1835 – he was probably János’s brother.